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Day Trips

Charlottetown, Confederation Art

New Musical

July 20 $145

Based on a true story, this heartfelt show features a soul stirring score by award
winning recording artist Johnny Reid. A tribute to Johnny’s “Granny”. After
suffering an unthinkable loss, a Scottish mother must rely on her strength, sense of
humor, and fiercely loyal group of friends to raise her boys and protect them from
the harsh and ever changing world around them. Set in post war Scotland, Maggie
tells the inspirational tale of a fiery school cleanser living in the mining town of
Lanarkshire. This exciting new musical, is a celebration of family, community and
the joy and laughter that can be found even in the darkest of times. Join us and be
inspired by “Maggie‘s” determination.

PRICE INCLUDES: Deluxe Motor Coach Transportation, “Maggie Musical”
Matinee, Bridge Tolls and Taxes.

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