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“Artist in the Garden” Corn Hill August 12 2023
Day Trips


August 12

August 12 $ 145
This day has been designed for you to enjoy Kings County first class destinations,
and to promote our local successful businesses. We will begin our pretty Summer

Day by visiting first class Sussex Agricultural Museum and help them celebrate
their 40 th Anniversary. This most impressive museum is dedicated to preserving
the heritage of our province agricultural industry and rural life. After our very
interesting and informative visit we will continue on to visit “Cobblers Lane”
Fudge Factory located within an 1900 old century barn and thanks to Andrew &
Sandi Smith have turned something old to an amazing modern designed fudge
Factory – It will be impossible not to sample their irresistible Fudge and to take
some home with you – many other items are also available by local crafters. We
will depart Sussex and travel throughout beautiful farm lands, and rolling hills to
Knightville – and the home of Gasthof Old Bavarian Restaurant. A delightful lunch
will be served in their very popular Bavarian atmosphere. We will travel to the well

established CornHill Nurseries and attend the very popular “Artist in the Garden”

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