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All Seasons Inn & Adair’s December 10 2023
Day Trips

All Seasons Inn & Adair’s

Wilderness Lodge

December10 $ 140
Book early for this delightful festive day celebrating Christmas Season with Great
Musical entertainment, food and whole lot of fun!
Our day will begin by enjoying a delicious noon-hour lunch at Sussex’s very
popular “All Seasons Inn”. While enjoying our delicious lunch you will enjoy
Spiritual Gospel Music and Christmas Caroling before travelling to Adair’s
Wilderness Lodge beautifully decorated for the Christmas Season. Here we
will enjoy more musical entertainment before enjoying a delicious Christmas
Dinner with all the fixings at Adair’s Wilderness Lodge.
PRICE INCLUDES: Deluxe Motor Coach Transportation, 2 Group Meals &
meal Gratuities, All Musical Entertainment and Taxes

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